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  Feb 12 2023

Advantages & Disadvantages of Windows in Garage Doors

Are you about to get a new garage door but need help deciding whether to get one with windows? In this article, we will help you decide by going through certain benefits and disadvantages of garage door windows so you can assess which features are your priorities.


  • Natural Light

If you are a person who likes to utilize their garage as a working space rather than only storage, getting a door with windows is a good option since they will let natural light in. During the day, as you work in the garage, you won't need to turn on the lights which is financially beneficial due to reducing the electricity bills but will also give you a productivity boost.

  • Curb Appeal

Garage doors that don't have any windows tend to look more simple and more ordinary compared to the ones with windows. As a homeowner, if one of your intentions is to increase your home's curb appeal, we recommend windows. Increased curb appeal is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home as well.

  • Many Choices

Of course, one of the best things about garage door windows is that you can be as creative as you want with them to elevate the look of your house. You have endless options about the shapes and sizes of the windows as well as the locations, and you can even get them to match the windows of your house. Finally, you can also choose the type of glass for your windows. For example, you can get them clear, tinted, frosted, mirrored, laminated, and many others.


  • Privacy

The biggest problem with windows in garage doors is privacy. Unfortunately, while letting the natural light inside your garage, you also let strangers look inside your garage. Many burglars prefer to look inside a property through the windows, including the garage, to see if the house is worth breaking in. If you store certain important items in your garage, this may not be the best feature. However, there is good news as well. If you prefer to get tinted glasses, you will still receive enough sunlight while preventing the stranger's eyes.

  • Safety

Another issue many people need clarification on is overall safety since glasses may seem more vulnerable compared to normal panels. However, this will be fine if you prefer double-pane windows.

  • Insulation

Finally, many homeowners are rightfully concerned about the insulation since glasses can reduce insulation and decrease energy efficiency. Luckily, this disadvantage can also be overcome by preferring double-pane windows.

Choosing The Right Door

In conclusion, at Bob's Advance Garage Doors, we know how important choosing a new garage door for your home is and how you may need clarification about what the best option is for your home. Luckily, our professionals are more than happy to help you with the deciding process and will guide you based on your priorities and your home's needs. We will also take care of the garage door installation after you pick your door. No matter your question or concern regarding your garage door, call the professionals of Bob's Advance Garage Doors for garage door repair, replacement, and other services. Schedule your appointment today.

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