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  Sep 8 2019

Alarm Systems to Keep Your Garage Safe

Many people use their garage not only to store their cars but also to store valuable items. Think about what you have stored in yours. A bike? A Lawn mower? Tools and appliances? Items stored in garages have economic as well as sentimental value and you are surely interested in their security. 

Unfortunately, garages are not as secure as most people think. In fact, thieves and burglars are capable of breaking into a garage within 10 seconds by utilizing the emergency release lever. This leaves you vulnerable especially as the door that connects the garage to the house is one that many people forget to lock.

It’s important to secure your garage. There are tools and gadgets like the Garage Shield which helps defend against the type of hacking mentioned earlier, but thieves have many other ways to break into the garage, the least secure outside entry into the house. 

Bob’s Advance Garage Doors recommends that you install a garage alarm system or garage door repair to keep your family and your belongings safe. Garage alarm systems are generally motion sensor activated systems trigger a loud alarm when movement is detected. This deterrent can be coupled with other products and services to provide you with an all-around defense system.

Garage Alarm Systems

An alarm is a deterrent for an already anxious thief. The aim of a garage alarm is to scare away thieves and give them a fear of getting caught. While an alarm does not guarantee to keep the intruder away, it can be joined by other gadgets and services like cameras and professional monitoring for a buffed-up system.

There are some factors to consider when choosing the best garage alarm system for you:

- Accuracy: The alarm system works by detecting movement and activating an alarm based on that unusual motion. When selecting an alarm system, ensure that the sensors are of high quality. Some high-end systems have facial recognition so as to only trigger upon detecting unknown faces. In addition to the quality of the sensor, confirm that the sensors are installed with a clear view of all access into the garage; remove any obstacles in the way of sensors.

- Durability: The level of damage an alarm will endure depends on whether it is installed indoors or outdoors. Whatever the case, your alarm will have to be one that can stand against the elements. When selecting an alarm system, pay attention to what material the alarm is made of. It should be resilient against smashing and drilling.

- Alarm Sound: There is no point in buying an alarm system if the alarm can only be heard by the intruder. Ask to hear how low the alarm is. For more advanced monitoring, ask your installer if they can help you install a program to notify you through your smart phone in the case of a break-in attempt.

Professional Monitoring Services

There are many professional monitoring services that keep watch of your property while you cannot. There can never be too much security. If the recurring costs are too much, consider an alarm system that is connected to your smart phone. This way you can monitor your system while away.

Tips to Prevent Intrusions 

Though an alarm will help you react to a burglary attempt, it is always best to be proactive. Here are some ways to keep your garage and property safe:

  • Close and lock your garage door
  • Keep the area well lit
  • Cover garage windows
  • Never share your garage door code
  • Keep your garage remote safe and secure
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