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  Feb 2 2020

Are Garage Door Keypads Safe

Thanks to the advancement of technology in home security. Now, to get access to the largest room in the house, homeowners no longer have to get out of the car to unlock and lift their garage doors. All they do is to access the garage keypads that are typically located on the exterior of the home, add the possible code combinations and viola! The doors are open.

However, there are two distinct schools of thought on the safety and security of garage door keypads to homes – while some say it’s a home addition well worth considering, others think it’s one of those new upgrades that only offers convenience and nothing more. Should we then consider garage door keypads as a safe alternative to home security or still go the “old school” ways at the cost of convenience?

Garage door experts at Bob's Advance Garage Doors has demystified the above questions in this article and also provided tips on better ways to use the garage door keypads.

Cover The Garage Windows

Nowadays, burglars don’t waste time trying to crack the keypad codes, rather they use the clothes hanger to trip the emergency release lever. However, this process can be pretty difficult if the burglar can’t have a clear vision of what he/she is doing. Close the garage door window so no one could see through or figure out how to trip the emergency release lever.

Disable The Emergency Release Lever

Using the coat hanger trick to break into the garage is the oldest trick in the books but when the emergency release lever is disabled by the homeowner, that trick will not work again. However, you need to preserve the passcode or it will be virtually impossible to gain access when it is lost.

Alternatively, the homeowner could lock the release lever. This can be done by tying it up to the carriage assembly. You could drill a hole while tying up the release lever so it could be harder for the flimsy coat hanger to be able to pull the lever down,

Upgrade the Lock on The Door That Leads From The Garage Into The House

To ensure the security of your loved ones and valuables, the entry locks on the door that leads to the house need to be upgraded. Most homeowners neglect this import access door because they believe that the garage door provides all the security they need. Unfortunately such believes is a façade when dealing with clothe hanger burglars. Install a good deadbolt on the door and have the rest of mind that burglars will have trouble getting into your house if they manipulate the garage door.

Other Ways of Making The Most Of Your Keypad

Change your codes regularly and ensure it is kept private. It is good practice to always clean the keypad with a degreaser and a cleanser to ensure some numbers are not warning out.

Do not give out your real codes to service providers like dog walkers, cleaners, babysitters and even relatives. Only give them temporary codes. The garage door opener only works with electricity, when you are out of town, then turn off the power by unplugging the opener or flipping the switch.

Turn off the power. Without electricity, your garage door opener won’t work. At night, or when you are out of town, you can easily cut the power by unplugging the opener or, if your opener is wired to a wall switch, flipping the switch.

Hopefully, the above tips will give an additional layer of security to your keypad garage door openers and call experts at Bob's Advance Garage Doors if you need garage door repair or new installation of garage door keypads.

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