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  Oct 22 2021

Carport or Garage?

If you are thinking about building a structure where you’ll store your vehicles, tractors, or other motor-powered equipment, you might be debating between a carport and a garage. While both structures help to protect your vehicles from the elements, they are different in certain aspects.

What Is the Difference Between Garage and Carport?

A garage is a fully enclosed structure that includes walls, roofing, and an entrance. It can be either attached to a building or free-standing. On the other hand, a carport is a semi-covered structure that features posts, at least two open sides, and a top covering. Carports are often stand-alone structures and may not include standard walls.

Benefits of A Garage

  • More protection – A garage provides more protection as it is fully enclosed and comes with locking doors. It does a better job of safeguarding your vehicles against theft and providing protection from the elements.
  • Curb appeal--When it comes to aesthetics, garages can be constructed in a way that improves the appearance of your property. Apart from having countless design options to choose from, you can easily design your garage to complement your home’s overall style and architecture.
  • Increase property value— A garage that is in a good condition can boost your home’s property value and make it easy to attract potential buyers when it’s time to sell your home.

However, a garage costs more to build and maintain as compared to a carport. Besides, a garage has stricter building codes and requirements. 

Benefits of A Carport

Easier to build—No matter the type of carport you construct, they’re easier and quick to erect. Because they’re somehow straightforward to erect, most carport installations can be completed within hours. Even elaborate carports can be installed in a matter of days.
Much cheaper to install than a garage—Even though the cost of erecting a carport depends on a range of factors such as style, dimensions, and materials, carports can be less expensive to construct than garages. On average, installing a 20x20-foot carport could cost you about $7,000, while a garage of the same size could cost about $35,000.

Carport Vs Garage: Which One Is Better for You?

To choose between a carport and a garage, you'll need to consider a wide range of factors including, budget, how long you intend to live in your home, weather conditions in your area, and the level of protection you want to provide for your vehicles.

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We offer a full range of garage door services, including garage door installation, garage door repair, replacement, and emergency garage door services. Whether your garage door spring has an issue, your garage door is off-track, or the sensors have stopped working, we are the garage door contractors to call.

At Bob’s Advance Garage Doors, our priority is keeping your home or commercial property safe by providing reliable services at competitive prices.

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