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  Feb 4 2022

Converting a Manual Garage Door Into an Automatic One

It is an undeniable fact that an automatic garage door is better than a manual one when it comes to control, security, convenience, and other aspects. That’s why most people with manual garage doors are looking to automate their manual doors.

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to convert a manual garage door into an automatic one, the answer is: it depends.

What’s The Difference Between a Manual Garage Door and an Automatic Garage Door?

A manual garage door is controlled manually and does not rely on electricity or batteries to operate. On the other hand, an automatic garage door uses electricity or batteries to operate. It comes with a remote that allows a user to open and close the door with the push of a button.

An automatic garage door offers greater convenience as you can operate the door without getting out of your car. This is particularly beneficial when the weather is foul, and you don't want to get out of your car to open or close your garage door. In terms of security, an automatic garage door comes with multiple security features.

  • The Condition of Your Garage Door

It’s much easier to automate a garage door that’s in its good working order. If the door opens and closes as it should, then it’s an excellent candidate for automation. If your manual door is wobbly and has several hardware problems, it may be more challenging to automate it. The age of your garage door also determines whether it's possible to automate it. If your door has seen better days, it’s more likely to run into problems, making it more challenging to convert.

  • The Type of Garage Door You Have

Nearly all sectional doors and roller doors can be automated, provided the door is in good condition. Modern canopy garage doors can also be motorized by adding a bow-arm device. However, conventional canopy doors are not designed to be automated.

Retractable up and over garage doors are arguably the easiest to automate by installing a boom over the structural opening and mounting an electric motor at the other end. Automating a retractable up and over is quite straightforward and cost-effective.

Most side-hinge garage doors can be automated using either electromechanical swing arm kits or hydraulic swing arm kits.

  • Conditions Within the Garage

Issues such as lack of electrical wiring in your garage, lack of headroom, and obstructions that can get in the way of the motor mechanism can make it impossible to automate a garage door.

Contact Bob’s Advance Garage Doors for All of Your Garage Door Needs

Converting a manual garage door into an automatic one is not one of those tasks you can handle yourself if you're not an experienced garage door contractor. DIY garage door repair or replacement can be costly, dangerous, and risky. If you're looking to convert your manual garage door into an automatic one, it's best to hire a dependable garage door company.

At Bob's Advance Garage Doors, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of garage door services, including garage door installation, garage door repair, garage door replacement, and more.

  • How Often Should I Service My Garage Door?

    The amount of time you service your garage doors depend on the type of door and how often they are used. The materials they are made of and the experience of the installation company can also have an impact on the frequency of garage door service.

  • How To Pick the Most Durable Garage Door

    A garage door enhances the safety of your home or business and plays many other important roles. One of the things you should never compromise when selecting a garage door is durability. A durable garage door will save you money because you won’t have to spend money on repairs now and then.

  • Fiberglass vs. Steel Garage Doors

    Like a castle door, garage doors are important in various aspects. Since the sector of garage doors has advanced so much in the last few years, depending on your preferences, you can choose which material, look, and additional features for your next garage door.

  • How to Open Garage Door When Power is Out

    Power outages can be caused by a major disturbance to the electrical grid, a windstorm, a snowstorm, or a hurricane. Unfortunately, if the garage door opener in your property is without a battery backup, you may be locked out during such an emergency power outage. 

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