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  Jun 11 2022

Garage Door Is Not Closing

Having your garage door malfunction can be frustrating. Most homeowners leave all their important backyard equipment, as well as tools and valuables, in their garage. Not to mention, many people also place their cars inside their garage as well. Having problems with closing their garage door can raise questions as to what they could do to fix this issue. Luckily, Bob’s Advance Garage Doors, a reliable garage door company, has tips on why your garage door may not be closing and what you can do to fix it.

Common Issues & Their Solutions

  • Check You Sensors: Garage door sensors are an important part of the garage system, detecting if anything is in the way of the garage door while closing. These sensors are extremely helpful for the safety of homeowners. If your garage door has no problem opening but doesn’t close fully on the way down or immediately opens back up again, this is likely to do with the sensors. They may be knocked down by accident or may have been misplaced. Checking on your sensors will be a good start if your garage door doesn’t close.
  • Fault in the Power Source: Your garage door may not be the one to blame for its malfunction. It’s likely for the power source to have the fault as well. You may have forgotten to plug in the cord for the garage door, which has a simple solution: plug it back in! Or the circuit breaker may have tripped. This often happens because of a short circuit, in which a professional may need to come to fix the circuit breaker. Look for different possibilities that may restrict the garage door from closing. A power outlet or a circuit breaker may be your answer.
  • Torsion Springs are Broken: Torsion springs are springs that use a helical coil that is twisted and stores energy that is released when the garage door opens. It’s a crucial part of the process of opening and closing your garage door and is the main reason why homeowners call a garage door company for repair when it breaks. You should normally replace them every 10-15 years because they gradually wear down as the springs start to lose their tension. When a torsion spring breaks, it makes a loud cracking noise that can sound like a gunshot. If you notice that the torsion spring broke, do not take any further action to repair it if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you try and replace the springs without the necessary skill required, this may lead to further irreparable damage, causing you to need a garage door replacement.
  • Damaged Panels: If your garage door panels crack, it may prevent the door from closing at the curved section. This can be caused by damage from a hit or an unnoticed scrape from a car. To fix this problem, you can either replace your panels or support them with a garage door strut. If you cannot repair the panel, you may need a replacement. There is a possibility that you may not find the matching garage door panel you need, mainly because manufacturers change their designs over time. If so, you may need a full garage door replacement. Bob’s Advance Garage Doors can help with that.
  • What’s the Value of Improving My Garage Door?

    Your garage door not only prevents unauthorized access to your garage, but it’s also the largest focal point in your home. Besides, a garage door that’s in top shape keeps your garage contents safe from the elements and reduces heating and cooling costs.

  • 5 Garage Upgrades for the Best ROI

    Garage has different meanings for everyone. While for some, it’s only a place to park, for others, it’s a living space that can be used in many ways. An upgraded garage is beneficial for your home either way, but if you’re specifically wondering about the upgrades that will increase your home’s value, you’re at the right place.

  • How to Close Garage Door Gaps

    A homeowner can face so many problems every year. One of the places where homeowners face the most problems is the garage. A garage door can have so many issues. A common one is not being able to close garage door gaps.

  • What Is a WiFi Garage Door Opener?

    Garages are used every day in our lives. With modern technology, there are more options for choosing the type of garage door for your house. One of them is WiFi garage door openers. Due to being very new in the industry, only a few people know about this. 

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