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  Sep 30 2019

Garage Door Security Tips

Your garage is not simply a storage room for your car or truck. Think about what is in your garage. You may have bikes, a lawn mower, expensive tools at your workstation, and other items with sentimental or economic value. Plus, if you are like many homeowners, you probably forget to lock the door that connects the garage to the house, leaving you vulnerable to thieves and burglars. These are only some of the reasons to keep your garage door secure.

To help keep your family and property safe, we have put together a few tips for securing your garage.

Hide Your Garage Door Remote

Pretty straightforward. Your garage door remote is your key into your garage and should be kept out of sight. Leaving your garage door remote visible in your car is an invitation for thieves to break into your car and enter your garage. When you are parked at work, the store, or any other public space, be sure to keep your garage door remote hidden. All it takes is one look at an insurance slip to discover your residence.

Update Your Code Frequently

Snoopers can watch as you enter your garage door code. Keep your garage secure by changing your code frequently. Add a calendar reminder to update your code on a rotating basis and choose a code that is hard to guess. Your birthyear is one of the easiest codes to guess as a thief only needs to know your age to figure that one out.

Install/Utilize A Side Lock

A manual lock can be found on the inside of the garage door. Use this side lock for when you are away for long periods of time. This lock cannot be unlocked using a remote. It is also hackproof as side locks are not digital.

Inspect Your Door

Check your garage door for cracks and vulnerabilities. The changing of seasons and temperatures can damage the garage door and provide an opening for intruders. Check for cracked windows and gaps in the weather-stripping. Ice, snow, and winter weather can wear down portions of your door. Do you need garage door repair, inspection or replacement service? Call us now to schedule garage door service in your area.

Install an Alarm System

An alarm is a great deterrent. Though it will not safeguard your property like locks and safes, an alarm will scare intruders away and instill in them the fear of getting caught. An alarm can be the difference between losing just a handful of items and losing everything in your home. Combined with other gadgets and services like cameras and professional monitoring, an alarm system is sure to buff up your security system as a whole. 

Add Lighting

Similar to an alarm system, lighting will help deter potential thieves by revealing their physical characteristics. Motion-activated lights are especially effective in scaring thieves away while using the least amount of energy.

Keep It Closed

Make it a habit to close your garage door after you are done using it. All it takes is a few minutes for a thieve to swoop in and grab a valuable item from your garage. Before heading inside to eat dinner, tap the garage remote to close it until you are back.

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