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  Sep 1 2021

Get Your Garage Ready for Fall

It’s about that time where the leaves are going to start changing colors, the nights will get cooler, and the air will smell like pumpkin spice. You know what that means… Fall is coming! Did you know that you are supposed to perform fall maintenance to your home so it’s ready and prepared for the colder months? Lucky for you, Bob’s Advance Garage Doors has some tips and tricks for you this fall season!

When it comes to preparing your garage for the fall, you want to make sure everything has a place. When that first snowflake hits the ground, you don’t want to be stuck shuffling around your garage trying to find things, do you?
There are so many ways you can get your garage fall-ready, but here are our top tips for you…

5 Tips for Getting Your Garage Fall Ready

1.  Prepare your lawn mower for winter

Since the colder months require a snow blower rather than a lawnmower, you’ll want to make sure you take the time to prepare your lawnmower for the cold fall and winter months. Whether it be getting it repaired, adding a fuel stabilizer, or giving it some oil, you’ll want to make sure your mower doesn’t freeze up.

2.  Install a heat source

Do you spend a lot of time in your garage, no matter what the season? Maybe your garage is your art studio or your car shop. Whatever the case may bed, Bob’s Advance Garage Doors always recommends installing a heating source to your garage. Depending on the low temperatures you experience in fall and winter, you may need a heating source to stop you from freezing while you work in your garage.

3.  Organize your storage & switch it out

When you have time, you should organize the stuff in your garage into bins based on what season they are for. This will help keep your garage nice and clean, while also making it easy to swap out the storage bins you need during each season.

4.  Get those shovels ready

Fall leads to winter, and winter means snow (depending on where you live). It’s time to get those shovels out and get them sharpened. When it comes to getting your garage fall-ready, you’ll want to put your shovels in a spot that is easily accessible so you don’t have to go digging for them during your first snowfall.

5.  Maintenance your garage door

Looking for garage door maintenance to prepare your garage door for fall? Call the team at Bob’s Advance Garage Doors! Whether you need weatherstripping installed, a light bulb replaced, garage door installation, or garage door repair, we are a garage door company that can do it all!

Are you looking to prepare your garage for the fall season? Do you need garage door repair or maintenance before the weather gets too cold? It’s time to call Bob’s Advance Garage Doors! We are a garage door company that wants to help you properly prepare your garage for this upcoming fall season. Call our office today to learn more!

  • Overlay vs. Stamped Garage Doors

    Are you in the market for new garage doors and you aren’t sure which kind you want? Bob’s Advance Garage Doors highly recommends these two options: overlay garage doors or stamped garage doors. Both styles are very popular, but they each add a different touch to your home.

  • Questions to Ask When Garage Door Spring Breaks

    Are you finding it so hard to lift and open your garage door? Or the door won’t open no matter how hard you try? If you are faced with any of these conditions, your garage door spring could be defective or completely damaged. And if you’re already aware that the spring is at fault, chances are you have some lingering thoughts in your head.

  • Most Common Garage Door Materials in Atlanta

    In any home, the garage door is very heavily used and can often experience a lot of wear and tear. Depending on the age of your home or how much use your garage door sees in a given day, week, or month, you may need to replace your garage door more often than someone who barely uses theirs.

  • How to Replace Your Garage Door Cables?

    It becomes relatively easy to replace the garage door cables with the right knowledge, tools, and a little experience. Usually, the garage door has two torsion springs, and the life expectancy of each spring is between three and six years. For efficiency and to save time on frequent repairs or replacement, it’s better to replace the two garage door cables when one is broken or misaligned. 

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