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  Aug 9 2019

How can I Open My Garage Door If There is a Power Outage?

Most garage door owners are unaware of what to do to open their doors when there is a power outage. An electrical door opener will not work when there is a power outage but there are some quick means to open your garage door when this problem occurs. You may want to contact us at Bob's Advance Garage Doors if there is an issue with your door opener or any other component of your garage door to schedule professional garage door repair services.

How to Open Your Garage Door When There is Power Outage

Perhaps the first step is to get a flashlight and get to the garage door. Simply pull on the red-color red opener emergency cord, this will help you disable the trolley operator that pulls the door, then slide it back an inch. The next step is to locate the lifting handle to open and lift the door without applying much pressure. The lifting handle is located in the bottom panel, and you should have no problem lifting the door if it is well-balanced with the springs. If the springs are weak, you will need to apply some force and please contact us at Bob's Advance Garage Doors to get your springs replaced.

What Happens After Closing the Garage Door?

Once you have successfully removed your car from the garage door, you need to close the door and reconnect the trolley. To ensure that this was done properly, you should pay attention to a “click sound” as it signifies that the door is engaged with the trolley properly. If the door does not reconnect with the trolley, it means there is a problem, please contact our garage door technician at Bob's Advance Garage Doors for this.

In case you have a Side-lock on your door, you can simply use the lock to lock the door instead of re-engaging the door with a trolley. You will need to disable the side lock when the power comes back before reconnecting the door opener trolley. When power is restored, and the door opener trolley is re-engaged, you need to test that everything is working normally by testing with the remote control.

Bob's Advance Garage Doors Helps Fix Any Garage Door Issue

You may be asking yourself the question, is there any better practical solution to operating your garage door when there is a power outbreak? The answer is yes and that is a battery backup system which is more useful in places where power outages are rampant. This emergency door opening battery will allow you to open and close your garage door up to 20 times a day when there is no electric power.

Bob's Advance Garage Doors technicians are in the ideal position to assist you when it comes to garage door openers. You can rely on our long history of providing optimal customer service to restore the working efficiency of your garage doors. You can also schedule garage door maintenance services with us and we will be right there to help you.

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