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  Oct 1 2020

How Often Should I Perform a Garage Door Tune Up? 

Your garage door is probably the largest moving hardware in your home. This door has components that are working hard numerous times a day just to provide you with egress and ingress into your garage. 

It’s only a matter of time before these components start to develop wear and tear. And in some cases, these problems might not be evident until it’s too late. Therefore, the experts recommend to tune up your garage door twice a year. And six months is long enough for new problems to form and become obvious to you – the homeowner – or a garage door repair specialist.

A regular garage door tune up will help you catch issues with the door as soon as possible and act accordingly. While carrying out inspections on your garage door biannually and making important improvements is crucial, some maintenance would need on-demand attention. 

What Happens During a Tune Up Session?

Often, the process will start with a garage door specialist coming to your facility to inspect all parts of the garage door in question. Usually, the specialist would evaluate the bolts and nuts to see if they are still tightened up or loosen, examine the rollers for possible wear and tear, check for defective springs and cables, inspect the weatherstripping materials, and do more.

A garage door tune up session is not complete without the technician examining the door’s auto-reverse function and other safety features. The professional will also check whether the door is quiet or loud while closing and opening. Overall, the garage door specialist should make fixes, repairs, or replace damaged components as necessary so the door can continue to function properly.

Now that you’ve have seen how often you need to tune up your garage door and what happens during such a session, let’s consider why it’s crucial to do all that you can to keep your garage door functioning in its top shape.

Benefits of Keeping Your Garage Door in Its Top Shape

The last thing you would anticipate is your garage door to crash down on top of you, a loved one, or someone else. While it’s very hard to wish for such a situation to arise, the door could actually close on someone if its torsion springs malfunction. But having the door checked regularly by a service professional would help with the early discovery of issues that may lead to serious injuries or even death.

Besides, weather elements may wreak havoc not only on your garage door but also on items residing in the garage if the bottom seal or other weatherstripping material around the door has gone bad. Periodic inspection and maintenance will help you detect and fix problems like this on time.

By inspecting your garage door and having it tuned up periodically, you’ll prevent costly injuries and keep the door in shape for years.

At Bob’s Advance Garage Doors, we offer garage door tune up, installation, repair, replacement, and other related services. Is your garage door becoming too loud? Are you having a hard time getting the door to open or close? Is your garage door bent out of shape as a result of hitting it with your vehicle? Regardless of the situation, contact the experts at Bob’s Advance Garage Doors to have the issue fixed. To find out more about what we can do for you, contact us now.

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