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  May 30 2019

How to Avoid Garage Door Scams?

The garage door is the main entrance to your home; hence it provides security for you and your household. It is important that you choose your garage door wisely to avoid scams. If you are unsure of the right type of garage door to get, please contact us at Bob's Garage Doors and we will help you make informed choices. You can also avoid scams through the following steps;

Conduct Some Online Research

The internet is usually the first point of call when searching for the right garage door. You can use the search engine and recommendation sites for your research. To avoid scams, make sure the site has a real street address and contact numbers listed. 

Do they have photos of what they do on the website? You need to be aware of companies using stock photos, try as much as possible to differentiate between real and fake photos. Ask yourself the question; Is this company a member of a professional body? You will likely see a logo of the professional body the company belongs to. Confirm this membership and ask them questions about the company.

Other Things to Pay Attention to When Searching the Internet

Read the customer reviews posted on the company’s website, you might probably know some of such reviewers. If possible, contact the reviewers and ask them more questions about the company. Be aware of companies where all the reviewers award 5 stars or where the reviewers have bogus names. 

Many people often make the mistake of sticking with the first two pages of search engines like Google, during their search. If you want to avoid garage door scams, make sure you search beyond the first 3 pages. You should avoid trusting free classified ads, they may not provide adequate information on their garage door services. 

Contact Them on Phone 

Once you have listed your preferred Garage door companies, you can do more research by contacting them between the working hours, and weekends. You should confirm their street address, and ask about the validity of their operational license when you call them. You must also ask if they possess liability Insurance Coverage and Accident Insurance for their staffs. You need to confirm if they handle Garage installation and supplies themselves or hire sub-contractors. 

Keep in mind that any Garage company that gives you a quote of the work to be completed, without inspecting the site first, should not be trusted. A professional and ideal Garage company must provide you in details, their hourly rates, and how long the job will take. There must be no hidden or after-service fees on any garage work. 

Bob's Garage Doors Offer 100% Reliable and Efficient Garage Door Services

We are pleased to inform you that Bob's Garage Doors offers a wide range of customized that is cost effective and guaranteed. We do offer warranties on Garage doors and replacement or repair paths and labor, and that is why our customers have absolute trust in our services. Give us a call today and we will help you with all your Garage door needs. 

  • How to Manually Open and Close Your Electric Garage Door

    When your garage door doesn’t open, it means you are locked out or in but if the garage door is connected through an interior door, then you are lucky because you can easily open the door manually from inside. Do not take garage door issues lightly, please contact us at Bob's Garage Doors to get your garage door issue before they create bigger problems for you. 

  • How Garages Impact the Look of a House

    Unfortunately, they neglect the garage door which has a significant contribution to the curb appeal and market value of their property. Such home improvement practices should be discouraged because the garage door makes up 1/4 to 1/3 of the exterior part of the building and should be given adequate consideration.

  • Can Siri Open My Garage Door?

    Artificial Intelligence has currently revolutionized the world and produced an evolution in technological advancements. From self-driving cars to communicating bots, artificial intelligence has come to give the ease and convenience that many persons only dreamt about. One such technological advancements is Siri.

  • What Do You Need to Know When Buying a New Garage Door?

    Your garage door is utilitarian, protecting your belongings from the elements, prying eyes, and thieves but at Bob’s Advance Garage Doors, we know a garage door is also more than that. A beautiful garage door can work with the overall architecture of your home or completely clash with it.

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