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  Jul 15 2020

How to Clean Your Garage Door

Over time, the garage door accumulates a fair amount of dirt on its surface due to weather, sun exposure, and regular use. However, most homeowners give special care to windows, patios, and other exterior areas while neglecting the garage door which is seemingly one of the most used building components.

Because of our busy schedule, it is quite understandable why maintaining or washing the garage door is put in the back burner. However, it’s good to know that proper care of the garage door today means it will last longer and help maintain a better curb appeal for your most cherished investment tomorrow. Therefore, we have compiled tips to help you get started.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Garage Door

Before we proceed to give you the tips on how to clean your garage door, it's better you know some of the benefits derivable from maintaining this important aspect of your home.

Cleaning the Garage Door Increases the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Spending a little time out of your tight schedule to clean your garage door gets rid of all the dirt and grime that may be dulling the surface and it goes a long way to increase the curb appeal of your home.

It Increases the Market Value of Your Home

Do not think that the garage doors offer only functionality to your home if it looks sparkling clean, it becomes an exterior feature that can impress a potential buyer and adds value to your home.

Prevents Rust and Maintains Your Warranty

Regular cleaning is required to maintain the items of the warranty. Also, frequent garage door cleaning helps to prevent rust from forming on the doors by removing salt, dirt, or other substances that have become stuck on some parts of the door.

Now, before starting the cleaning process, ensure the following items are available.

  • A cleaning solution and a bucket - dishwasher soap or car wash soap is more preferable for garage doors
  • Clean cloths and non-abrasive sponges 
  • A step ladder to help you reach the top of their garage door

It’s Time to get to Work! 

Hopefully, the materials are ready. All you need to do is to fill up the bucket with water, mix the cleaning solution, and start scrubbing with the nonabrasive sponges. You can start from the top with the help of the step ladder.

However, you may need to spend more time on cleaning the tough stains and ensure you wash both the exterior and interior of the door. No matter the type of garage door installation in your home – fiberglass, wood or aluminum garage door, the process mentioned above can be used in properly cleaning and making them look brighter.

Get The Help Of A Pro!

It is a matter of personal pride when we spend time to clean different parts of our home and it is difficult to meet up with this obligation when our schedule is tight. Therefore, if you’re a busy professional, it makes more sense to call professionals for your garage door cleaning and other maintenance services. The experts at Bob’s Garage Doors will be at your service within a short time of receiving your call. We work every day of the week – including the weekends. Call us today for your garage door installation, repair, and maintenance needs.

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