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  Dec 18 2022

How to Match Your Garage Door to Your Home

As it's been proved many times before, the importance of the garage door is tremendous on the general image of the house. While a new, classy garage door increases curb appeal immensely, an old, uncared garage door may cause bad initial opinions about your home. Since a significant portion of your garage door look also depends on the windows, it's essential to choose the windows with the right style. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to match garage door windows with your home.

Design of Your Home

First, it's crucial to know the general design of your house and the type of aura it radiates. So, try to closely observe your home with the eyes of a stranger and figure out the kind of design it has. This step is also essential if you consider changing your garage door. Here are some common home and garage door designs:

  • Modern: These types of homes tend to be extraordinary and eye-catching. They are very creative and have asymmetrical elements. 
  • Farmhouse Design: This is a cozy and inviting style. They are timeless and warm, and it's possible to add a lot of windows to the garage doors of farmhouse design homes. 
  • Craftsman: Craftsman-style homes usually have a minimalistic style and carry elements of harmony and balance, and it's an excellent idea to add lots of windows to garage doors since they let natural light.
  • Ranch: Ranch-style homes are popular due to their modern and casual elements. These types of homes usually have big living spaces and an excellent combination with the outdoors.


After knowing the design of your house, it's important to figure out the purpose of your garage door. Do you want to use your garage as a living space or use it for storage? Is your focus on the functionality of the door or the aesthetic appeal? You should be clear on the purpose of your garage door. That's because depending on the purpose, you can later decide where the windows will be located, whether the windows will be clear or tinted, whether to add insulation to the windows or not, and the shapes of the windows. 

Additional Features

Choosing the type of glass for your windows is very important. You can opt for tinted or obscure glasses if you want more security and privacy. However, if you want your home to receive more natural light, you can choose clear glasses. Positioning them is also a significant factor if you want more natural light. The higher the windows are, the more sunlight you get. Energy efficiency is another important factor for some homeowners, and you can insulate your windows. Of course, one should also think about the cost. The more windows you add, the higher the installation cost will be.

Be Creative

Yes, choosing the right garage door and windows can be tiring, but it's also fun! So, feel free to experiment with different styles. Remember, you have many options, and Bob's Advance Garage Doors professionals are more than happy to help you in this journey. We offer various services, including but not limited to garage door installation and garage door repair. Additionally, we can guide you on the type of garage door windows that would be the best for your home. Call us today to learn more!

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