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  Aug 26 2019

How to Pick the Right Garage Door for Your Home?

Whether you are looking to install your first garage door or upgrade from your old one, we want to first congratulate you then remind you that shopping for a new garage door asks for some due diligence. Your garage door is not only an entrance into where you store your vehicles and other belongings, but also an investment and a large fraction of the appearance of your home. If you’re like most people, you have not fully considered the range of considerations involved in selecting a garage door. From aesthetics to practicality to return on investment, Bob’s Advance Garage Doors brings to you the rundown on how to pick the right garage door for your home.


Your garage door takes up a significant fraction of your home’s frontage. As such, the garage can make or break a first impression when guests or potential homebuyers look at your home from the street. A battered old door or a tacky garage door that does not fit well with the rest of your home can send the wrong message or negatively impact the value of your house. When you come to Bob’s Advance Garage Doors, be sure to bring a photo of your home’s façade so that we can help you choose a style that best matches and emphasizes the appeal of your house as a whole.


In today’s world, the garage is often much more than a storage spot for a vehicle or two. Many garages double as workshops, laundries, or even living spaces. This being the case, temperature is an important factor to keep in mind. At Bob’s Advance Garage Doors, we have a grand supply of insulated garage doors that will help you save energy by maintaining temperature levels. Insulated garages don’t only benefit the garage. If you have a poorly insulated garage, then you’ve surely realized that adjacent rooms’ temperatures are also affected by the garages.


Unless you’re manually lifting and lowering your garage door, your garage door probably uses electricity. In a busy household, that garage door is opened and closed many times during the day. If you are cost-sensitive, ask a professional at Bob’s Advance Garage Doors to help you choose a garage door that is energy efficient. Garage doors differ in their material as well as their operating mechanics and these factors play a role in the energy usage.

Cost is also a major difference among garage door installations. While some garage doors are basic in design and operation, others are intricate. When you come to Bob’s Advance Garage Doors, we will help you choose between overhead sectional doors, swing-style doors, and more to get the biggest bang for your buck.


There’s no way to expect the unexpected. Warranties offer you the peace of mind that you deserve. When selecting a garage door, make sure to ask your Bob’s Advance Garage Doors associate about the warranty that comes with the door. If anything happens to your door, a warranty will ensure that you have it replaced at no extra cost.

  • Questions a Garage Door Dealer is Asked

    Bob's Garage Doors offer expert technicians who can help you purchase and install the most ideal garage doors you can imagine. We also provide garage door repairs and replacement services on existing garage doors at affordable rates. There are lots of questions that come to the mind of homeowners when it comes to buying garage doors, the following are some of the most prominent among them;

  • Different Types of Garage Doors

    If you are maintaining your garage doors properly, the lifespan of one garage door is around 30 years. You believe or not, you garage door has a great impact on the overall appeal of your house. This is the first thing your guests will observe once they enter your place, this is the door you will pass through everyday and this is the door which will go through plenty of wear and tear. 

  • How to Manually Open and Close Your Electric Garage Door

    When your garage door doesn’t open, it means you are locked out or in but if the garage door is connected through an interior door, then you are lucky because you can easily open the door manually from inside. Do not take garage door issues lightly, please contact us at Bob's Garage Doors to get your garage door issue before they create bigger problems for you. 

  • How to Program a Garage Door Opener

    If you think the security of your home has been compromised because of someone's knowledge of your garage door opener codes or the opener isn’t working properly, then, it’s time to get it reprogrammed. 

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