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  Nov 1 2019

How to Program a Garage Door Opener  

If you think the security of your home has been compromised because of someone's knowledge of your garage door opener codes or the opener isn’t working properly, then, it’s time to get it reprogrammed. This DIY task can be accomplished, whether you are technically savvy or not. All you need is the right information as well as tools to make the process slightly easier.

However, it will be faster to change the code for newer garage doors because they have keypads in addition to the remote. For older garage doors without keypads, you must use the screwdriver to open the remote and door opener to change the code.

In case you can’t follow the procedure or you’re not comfortable with DIY chores, then call professionals at Bob's Advance Garage Doors. We will send a fully stocked truck operated by highly trained staff that will drive to your location to reprogram the garage door as well as you give expert security tips.

Below are some of the steps to reprogramming your garage door opener 

Steps to Reprogram Garage Doors with Keypad

Get access to the garage door motor unit. Usually, you will need a ladder. Press and hold down the button by the side of the motor and the old code will be removed. To indicate that the memory has been erased, the light beside the motor will go off. 

Step Two

Now that the lights are off, you should push the button once more for the lights to come on. Then, you should enter the desired codes on the keypad. Usually, it is 4 – 8 digits. If the system accepts the code, the motor units light will start to blink.

Step Three

Press the button again and also press a button on your remote to confirm that the code has been integrated and accepted by the system. This step should be repeated in programming all the remotes connected to your garage door.

Changing the Code for Garage Doors without a Keypad

You need access to the internal mechanism of the remote to change the code. Use the screwdriver or any other tool to remove the cover of the remote. Then, you should move the switches inside the remote control to change the code.

You also need to access the motor unit of the garage door and also change the codes to correspond with that of the remote control.

The process of reprogramming a garage dopes and makes of garage doors like or is not complex. Just follow the procedure above, and your garage door will start working with another code. In case you cannot go through this process, our experts can be of help. We work on different types of garage doors like Genie, Liftmaster, Amarr, Linear, Sears Craftsman, C.H.I, Chamberlain and Windsor.

Call to have an expert from Bob's Advance Garage Doors take care of any issues with your garage door. Our garage door repair technicians are highly experienced, and they can reprogram, repair or install any type of garage door. Contact us today for all your concerns about the garage door.

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