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  Feb 29 2020

Ideas for Converting Your Garage

When you have a smaller home, it can be hard creating more spaces for certain activities. Extension is one way to expand a home but can be too pricey. One place often overlooked by homeowners in this situation is the garage. To accommodate space needs, below are a couple of ways to convert your garage into a functional space.

Home Office

It’s vital to have a dedicated space for work if you have a side hustle. Setting up an office in the living room might cause unnecessary distractions. If you have an underutilized garage, then transform it into an office space. To make the workstation more attractive, add a finish such as epoxy to the floor. You can even carpet the floor to make the converted garage feel more homely. Put up lights and don’t forget to go for an air-condition for added comfort.

Reading Space

If you’re looking for a nook where you can feed your mind, your garage might be one great place to consider. Most times, clutter eats up most of your garage space. With comfortable seats and proper lighting, you can convert a good portion of your garage to a reading space. Don’t forget to add perhaps a nice bookshelf containing your favorite reads.

If your house isn’t quite big, converting your garage into a functional space can help you eliminate the costs of expansion. However, when converting your garage, you may have to check with local regulations for necessary requirements and possible restrictions. Also, converting your garage might require making necessary interior and exterior updates. You may have to replace the door or make the room more airtight. 

Garage Game Room

If your garage has enough space, then you can dedicate a good portion of it to video games, board games, arcade games, pool, or more while storing your items in other parts of the garage. With your game room in the garage, you won’t have to disturb other members of your family with sounds.

For video games, you can add comfortable seats, gaming console, lighting, and a nice sound system. Arcade games don’t usually eat up much space but make sure to place it near an electrical outlet. For comfort, place pool tables where there is sufficient space to play.

To make the room usable, clear out clutter and remove all toxic materials, including chemicals, fertilizer, and paint. You don’t want to keep breathing in lingering fumes of chemicals while playing games. Consider also climate control. You may need to seal off your garage door to make the space more watertight. Likewise, it’s vital to put in place proper insulation, especially if you live in a cold region.

For professional assistance, experts at Bob's Advance Garage Doors can provide the help you need. We can make your door resistant to moisture or even help replace the door with something a lot better. For more ideas on converting your garage into a functional space or to schedule a visit with one of our service professionals, contact Bob's Advance Garage Doors today.

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