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  Apr 14 2020

Is It Safe to Repair a Garage Door Yourself?

Garage doors are not just protection for your vehicle and workshop from the elements and theft. A well-selected garage door can increase the attractiveness of your home and generally draws eyes as it is a dominant part of properties. Therefore, there is a lot of good reason to have a well-kept garage. Dings, scratches, and worn paint can cause you to lose out on prospective buyers and structural damage can put you at risk of theft and home-invasions. This is why garage door repairs should be complete as soon as possible. But, is it a good idea to take on the challenge of a garage door repair on your own?

How Will You Gather the Tools and Equipment?

Some garage damage requires tools and equipment that are not found in the average toolbox. A DIY fixer’s solution, therefore, is going to be either to repair the door with makeshift supplies or go out and buy the necessary tools. Generally, saving money is the motivation for handling garage door repairs as a DIY project, but the cost of the tools can add up in time and money. Further, using makeshift supplies can compromise the integrity of your garage door’s security.

Time Is Money

There are so many things that you can do with your time such as taking on new business, spending valuable time with family, or working on a hobby. The learning curve for learning how to properly repair a garage door can be steep. Finding the right tools and equipment will expend some more time. Then, repairing the garage door will take even more time, eating away at your entire weekend or even longer. Professionals have the experience, tools, and equipment to handle the garage repair in a fraction of the time. Also, Bob’s Advance Garage Doors offers affordable pricing and regular promotional offers. Call today to ask about available offers.

Consider the Risks to Your Health and Property

Garage doors are a lot heavier than you might expect and the work requires climbing ladders and working at heights, exposing you to risks of severe injury. Consider the risks of falling from these heights or, worse, having the door collapse on you or loved ones. The medical bills are one thing, but the trauma and risk of a lifelong injury is great.

Compromising Your Security

A quick tutorial from a website will not be the same as years of training and experience. Tutorials may skip over important steps. Just a few missing bolts and screws could mean your home security is compromised. There is also the chance of missing a step that leads to aggravating a small issue and turning it into another necessary repair.

Avoid the Hassle

Handywork can be satisfying and fulfilling, but home security should be taken seriously. Instead of wasting time watching tutorials, buying tools and supplies, and attempting to fix your garage issue, why not spend that time with your loved ones, on your business, or working on your hobby? The professionals at Bob’s Advance Garage Doors have years of experience, necessary tools and equipment, and affordable prices. Call us and ask our friendly staff about our promotional offers.

  • Benefits of Smart Garage Doors

    It is possible to open and close our garage doors remotely today, even by the use of apps on the smartphone. There are so many benefits of smart garage doors that should motivate you to contact Bob's Garage Doors right now for a reliable and efficient garage door. 

  • Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

    Extreme heat can be felt in the garage when it is poorly ventilated and the garage doors are not insulated. This is why, choosing the right garage door to match your requirement and aesthetic value is crucial. A quick solution may be to insulate your garage door to keep the interior space as cool as possible when the temperature spikes. One of the most preferred options for both residential and commercial property as suggested by experts from Bob’s Advance Garage Door

  • Smart Technology in the Garage

    The smart tech wave has taken the limelight because it makes life easier for both homeowners and tenants. Now, at the comfort of your home or on the go, you can control many things at once by a swipe of the finger.

  • Winter Curb Appeal Ideas

    For most homeowners, spending time or resources on the garage door does not rank high on their home improvement list. On the other hand, it isn't easy for some people to decide on the right garage door style that would best portray their personality during and after the winter months.

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