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  Dec 30 2020

Reasons to Update Your Garage Door Opener

The automatic garage door is a valuable equipment that helps our day-to-day life. And the opener is an integral part that makes it function efficiently. But if your garage door opener is outdated or not functioning correctly, then you need an upgrade.

For sure, it’s not a bad idea to experience the safety, security, and convenience which the newer opener models offer.

So, here are more reasons to update your garage door opener

Safety Reversal Systems

Safety reversing mechanisms is arguably the most valuable feature of the new openers. It is designed with two sensors about six inches above floor level on both sides of the door. This feature protects your child or pet from getting hit when the door is closing. The door reverses direction when the sensor identifies living things or objects about six inches above the floor.

Because of their weight, the garage doors are one of the biggest safety hazards in your home. That is why the auto-reverse mechanism is an important safety feature that can help to prevent harm or severe injuries to pets, children, and cars.

Therefore, if the garage door opener in your building does not have a safety reversing feature, you need to consider calling experts from Bob's Advance Garage Doors to replace or upgrade the opener.

Noise Reduction

The new garage door openers use rubber belts which makes them offer smoother and almost noiseless operation than the older models which operate with chain drives. The rubber belts are reinforced with metal fibers just like car tires to make them last even longer than the chains.

When you upgrade to the modern door openers, the noise will drastically be reduced and you can open and close your door at any time. You can also take the noise reduction efforts much further by installing a vibration isolator system that uses rubber placed between the opener motor and the metal brackets.

Improved Security and Convenience

Many new openers come equipped with features that will help beef up the security of your home. The latest models can be operated remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. Sometimes, they are installed with cameras to help you monitor who gets access to your home. Also, the opener can come configured to send a notification to your mobile device when the door opens.

More so, the use of the coat hanger trick to open the garage doors does not work with the recent smart openers. Rather, when burglars try using the coat hanger, it triggers an alarm.

Other incredible security features are the motion-detecting floodlights that can expose the activities of intruders and a keypad that is designed to use fingerprint detection so you can only touch to open the door.

Damaged or non-functional Garage Door

You can never predict what happens when it comes to equipment, gadgets, and electronics – they can suddenly stop working. The same applies to the garage door opener. If it has stopped working, you need to call the pros for repairs or go for a replacement. But never worry, you won’t break the budget or waste unnecessary time when Bob's Advance Garage Doors handle the repair and maintenance of your door.

Ready to Upgrade the Garage Door Opener?

No matter the reason for upgrading your garage door opener, have the peace of mind that you can never go wrong working with the experts from Bob's Advance Garage Doors. We know the inside out of all types and makes of garage door openers and other components.

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