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  Apr 26 2019

Reasons You Need a New Garage Door Opener

Do you feel that your garage door is getting old? Well, if it has been a decade or more that you have not thought about it, it is the right time that you think of installing a new one. You can reach out to Bob’s Advance Garage Doors and our team will help you with a new garage door opener. 

If you wish to know that why do you need to change your garage door opener when you know that it is still working efficiently, we are here with the following five reasons that will tell you that the time has come to change your garage door opener and install a new one. Even if you do not change it completely, you can just think of upgrading it. Just the upgradation will also provide the door opener with new technology and features.

1. Changing the garage door opener will ensure more safety in your premises

When you change or install a new garage door opener, you can be assured that you are completely protected under the new and modern technology. Especially, when you have an attached garage, which is the main entry of your home, an upgrade is a must. Garage is a huge access point that you cannot avoid. 

2. A new installation will keep the intruders away from touching the door opener

When you have installed a new garage door opener and when the opener is powered by smart devices, you can keep the intruders away from touching the door. As soon as the door opener detects any wrong activity, it will automatically turn on the siren and alarm the people in the house. 

3. There are smarter options for smart homes

Gone are the days of old-fashioned manual garage door openers and your mechanic may hand over you with a smart device to open and close the garage door. This is a safer way to keep your house away from burglars and thieves. With the help of the latest wi-fi technology, you can even operate the garage door opener within a specified distance from the home. 

4. A latest garage door opener will reduce the amount of noise

A modern technology garage door opener will operate by using the rubber belts which create less noises and they are less distracting. Apart from this, you can also install a vibrator isolator system that do not create any noise at all. 

5. Frequent power outages may lead to a change in the door opener

If you are experiencing frequent power outages in your property, you must pay attention to your garage door opener. When you have a battery-operated opener, you can use the garage door opener even when the power is not present. This system will come handy in case if a disaster strikes.

If you feel that you need to make you home safer and more secured, you should think of upgrading your garage door opener. Call Bob’s Advance Garage Doors and we are on toes to help you. 

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