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  Jul 19 2019

Should You Replace or Repair Your Garage Door?

If you want to live in your home for many years or plan to resell it in the future then you need to consider repairing your garage door sometimes. Fortunately, Bob's Advance Garage Doors is nearer to you than ever and we guaranty you a reliable and cost-effective garage door maintenance repairs that will last.

Garage door repairs have been constantly ranked in the top 3 home improvements that will increase the value of the home in the long run. For instance, realtors in the country have been increasing the prices of new homes between 1-4% simply with the addition of upgraded garage doors.

Common Problems that Can be Fixed Through Garage Door Repairs

You may be asking yourself the question; do I need a new garage door? Most times, you don’t need an outright replacement but repairs.

When the garage door suddenly stops working, you should first of all check the remote batteries and don’t panic. One or more of your batteries could be dead, hence you should check before calling for garage door repairs. If you have just provided new batteries for the remote, you can contact a professional garage door technician to diagnose the issue and save you time and energy or carrying out repairs by yourself.

If the door seems heavy it means the spring attached to the door might have broken down and the lift motor might have undergone wear and tear over some time. The inability to lift the door means the spring has worn out and couldn’t support the weight of the door any longer. Replacing the door springs may be the ideal way to fix this issue. Please contact us at Bob’s Advance Garage Doors for a solution.

You need a garage door repair, also, when a single panel on the door is damaged. Delaying the repair of the single panel can cost you more in the long run. Make sure you call for single panel replacement if you don’t want total door replacement.

If your garage door is sagging, that is if one side is lower than the other when you close it, it means there is increased wear and tear on the door’s lifting system. Sagging garage door means one of the springs is wearing down, meaning the affected side becomes heavier to lift. In most cases, replacing both springs and re-hanging the door will resolve the issue.

Signs It is Time to Replace Your Garage Door

There are several instances where you just have to replace your garage door. If for instance, the garage door hasn’t run properly for a long time, or the door has been severely damaged by an accident or your home was broken into through the garage door, you need to call for a professional garage door replacement.

Your garage door doesn’t have to be damaged before you contact a certified garage door technician, garage doors that are old or lacking in safety features must be replaced too. Please contact us at Bob’s Advance Garage Doors for all garage door issues.

  • How to Lubricate Your Noisy Garage Door

    The door of a garage is an important element that helps secure the valuables and investments taking up residence in the garage. A garage door, however, can become a nuisance when its operation starts to bring forth noise. Unfortunately, some garage door owners learn to live with the noise. 

  • Is It Safe to Repair a Garage Door Yourself?

    Garage doors are not just protection for your vehicle and workshop from the elements and theft. A well-selected garage door can increase the attractiveness of your home and generally draws eyes as it is a dominant part of properties. 

  • Common Cause of Garage Door Damages

    You don’t have to think about your garage door too often when you schedule regular maintenance service with Bob's Garage Doors. When your garage door is working optimally, it should open and close without any issue, unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. 

  • Steel Garage Doors Vs Wooden Garage Doors

    Choosing the type of garage door to install in your home may be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what to look for. This is because the garage door has become a significant part of the building design in terms of beauty, functionality, and security.

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