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  Jan 14 2020

Ways to Accent Your Garage Door

Garage doors with decorative accents not only increase your home’s resale value but also Make your property the Cynosure of all eyes. If you want to know a couple of ways to make your garage door look contemporary and attractive, then read on for the garage door accents hacks and suggestions prepared by experts at Bob’s Advance Garage Doors.

Add Scalloped Pergola

You can add a frame to your garage door by installing a scalloped pergola. This structure features a slatted roof supported at all four corners, which is then attached overhead to the door. Not only does this structure helps frame your door, but we have also seen many homeowners that hang lamps and lighting panels beneath it for an additional accent.

Install Complementing Hardware

Hinges, door pulls, and knobs can add life to existing garage doors. With lots of decorative hardware designs out there, iron studs, arrow hinges, knockers, and lift handles plus other numerous design options can liven up your door and exterior decor.

But don’t forget to look for varieties that both draw the eyes and offer balance between the other architectural elements in the door. Without drilling holes into your door, some hardware options use magnet. This is perfect if you love testing out new and different designs. There are also stunning window covers you can use for protection and creating a more elegant look. 

If you have some design ideas in mind but can’t seem to bring them alive, use the help of garage door specialists. Service professionals at Bob’s Advance Garage Doors are always available to listen to your needs, offer recommendations, and help you make an informed decision.

Paint your Garage Door

Using the right painting is as important as having the right garage door or hardware. Popular color choices include white, soft gray, and black. For something crisp classic, use white. It also adds some curb appeal. Black adds a unique style to garage doors and can easily hide marks. But make sure your color scheme blends with black, or else it looks a little sharp. Soft gray has the same brightness as white but feels a bit softer.

Painting your door with the right color may be the only hack you need without having to invest in additional hardware options. You can spy on your neighbors’ garage doors and let that inspire your color choices. The color tips above will also help choose the perfect painting color. 

Final Note

You have the power to decide what your garage door will tell others about you. Badass hardware and sizzling color choices that blend with other architectural designs can transform a garage door and make it stand out. If you are ready to accent your garage door, service professional at Bob's Advance Garage Doors are ready to put their skills and experience into work for you. We also offer garage door installation, inspection, and repairs at affordable pricing. Contact us today for immediate door inspection or to learn more about our wide range of garage door services.

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