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  Apr 29 2019

Ways to prevent garage break-ins

The garage door is one of the favorite entry points for burglars that take advantage of the negligence showcased by some careless homeowners. More so, some homeowners are not aware that the old garage doors can be opened with a wire hanger within six seconds.

That is why residential burglaries occur every 18 seconds in the US, and some of those break-ins are through the garage door during the day.

So how can you prevent garage door break-ins as well as secure your power tools, motorcycles, mountain bikes, fishing and sporting equipment that can be found in that space?

Here are some of the tips that will help you deter home burglary.

First off, if you’re a burglary victim, you need an insurance policy that will not just pay for the depreciated value of your lost items, rather, will pay the current price of those affected items – you should go for replacement cost coverage and not the actual cash value coverage. For further clarifications, you can contact experts at Bob's Advance Garage Doors.

Get a solid core garage door

If you have a non-insulated or hollow core garage door, there is a need to replace it with a solid-core type with a deadbolt. Such types of garage doors will make it difficult for burglars to break into your house.

A sandwich style garage door that has both sides covered in steel sheeting is also a good option when you want to upgrade the security of your garage door.

Secure your garage door opener remote

Since you know that the garage door is a traditional weak link in home security, you need to always be with the opener remote.

Some homeowners are careless with their garage door openers that it may get to the hands of potential burglars. If your garage door opener is small to handle, you can replace it with a short keychain version.

Unplug an automatic garage door when leaving home for an extended period

Don’t leave anything to chance when you’re going on a vacation or leaving home for an extended period. Some burglars are abreast of what happens around the neighborhood, and they may try to break into your house through the garage door when no one is available.

Therefore, homeowners using automatic garage doors should disconnect the motor from the electric outlet. No one can manipulate the exterior keypad when it is unplugged.

Alternatively, you can install two steel rods that is put across the vertical rail and an internal side lock that will make it almost impossible for intruders to penetrate through your garage door.

Block garage door windows

Burglars can use wire cloth hangers to open up your garage door through the windows easily. Therefore, you need to install window bars to frost or block your garage door windows so that any attempt to pry or open the windows will be restricted.

Install timers to help close the garage door

One of the popular home security tips is to make the rounds of our different access doors in the night, but in reality, most of us skip it because of our busy schedule or other factors.

So to ensure that the garage door is closed, you can automate it by installing a timer which is designed to close the entries within a specified time. You can also reset the time intervals to fit your need. 

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