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  Aug 7 2022

What to Look for When Pricing a Garage Door

Garage doors nowadays aren’t standard with the same qualities as it was a couple of decades ago. Right now, you have endless options and because of this, the prices vary greatly between each garage door. If you are thinking about replacing your garage door and want to set your budget but don’t know which factors influence the price of garage doors, you are at the right address. We will go over the factors that play a role in the cost of a new garage door, so you have some idea of what is expecting you.

Door Size

The first factor is the size of the door. Obviously, a one-car garage door will cost less than a two-car garage door. In addition, the amount of material that needs to be used when installing the garage door will also be different. On top of this, there are certain standard sizes for garage doors, if you prefer a model in which you want to customize the size, the price will increase too.


Of course, when we are talking about a garage door, we’re not only talking about the wood or the steel it is made of. There are many little features that make the quality increase significantly. Let’s say that you want insulation in your garage door because you want to save energy and money, the quality and the thickness of the insulation will affect the price. In a similar manner, you may want to make your garage door stronger and more durable, so you prefer thicker steel, this is going to increase the cost. The material of the garage door is also a big factor in this category. Today, there are many options when it comes to the material used in the door such as steel, wood, fiberglass, aluminum, titanium, bronze, and even glass. For example, wooden doors are more expensive than steel ones.

Unique Designs

The material isn’t the only thing that defines the outside appeal of your garage door. You can prefer very different and unique designs on your garage door and be as creative as you would like. For example, you can prefer up-and-over tilted canopy types, sectional garage doors, and side-hinged, and side-sliding types. Your options are endless, and you can prefer the one that you think matches the aesthetic of your home the most.


The type of door opener is also playing a very important role. Normally, the standard opener is the roll-up model. However, that is not your only option, you can also prefer the swing-open doors. If you still want to use the classic roll-up models, there are still many sub-categories you can choose from. Some of them are chain drive, belt drive, or direct drive types.

Professional Garage Door Installation

Of course, everyone has different priorities when it comes to choosing garage doors. Some prefer more aesthetic models, while other looks for insulating properties or secure models. Some people even choose it according to the climate they live in. Fortunately, you have endless options but of course, certain factors will come into play when it comes to pricing the doors and we tried to go over some of these factors in this article. For your safety, it is important for a professional to install your garage door. That’s why the professionals of Bob's Advance Garage Doors are ready to help you with any service you may need with garage doors, whether it is garage door repair or a garage door installation. We are a garage door company that want to make the process of getting a new garage door as safe and pleasant for you as possible. Call us today to learn more!

  • Reasons to Purchase a New Garage Door

    If you are hesitant about getting a new garage door, you may be trying to determine the exact benefits of getting a new one and wondering whether it's worth it. Well, this article was prepared to end your constant wonder and questions.

  • Questions a Garage Door Dealer is Asked

    Bob's Advance Garage Doors offer technicians can help you purchase and install the most ideal garage doors you can imagine. We also provide garage door repairs and replacement services on existing garage doors at affordable rates. There are lots of questions that come to the mind of homeowners when it comes to buying garage doors, the following are some of the most prominent among them;

  • Should Your Garage Have Windows?

    Garage doors are essential not only for their functions but also because of their contributions to the exterior looks of a house. Garage windows have many contributions to both of them, but only some are aware of their benefits.

  • How to Replace Your Garage Door Cables?

    It becomes relatively easy to replace the garage door cables with the right knowledge, tools, and a little experience. Usually, the garage door has two torsion springs, and the life expectancy of each spring is between three and six years. For efficiency and to save time on frequent repairs or replacement, it’s better to replace the two garage door cables when one is broken or misaligned. 

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