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  Aug 21 2022

Why My Garage Door Sensors Won't Work?

Although we take it for granted most of the time, garage doors are a big convenience to many people and of course, the sensors of the garage door are one of its most crucial parts. That’s because it is directly related with our safety. However, things may go wrong with our garage door sensors, and it is a problem that must be taken care of since they protect us from all sorts of injuries. In this article, we will go over why sometimes our garage door sensors do not work.

What Is a Garage Door Sensor?

Garage door sensors are just like eyes and are mandated in every garage door. They basically allow the proper opening and closing of the door and if there’s anything under the garage door when it is closing, it must reverse the motion so person under the door isn’t injured. Since many people have pets or small children who don’t know the dangers of a closing garage doors, this is a very important safety regulation.

How Does It Work?

Garage door sensors are working with the principle of infrared lights. They send the rays across the entrance and these rays catch if there’s anything standing in the way of a closing garage door. If there is, they stop the course of the movement and reverse it.

Just like many other sensors and systems, garage sensors aren’t flawless and sometimes can malfunction due to certain reasons.

Power Supply

You don’t always have to look for complex reasons. Just like any other device, garage door sensors need a power supply to work. So, if there’s an interruption with the power supply or if the sensors are receiving extreme amounts of power (either too low or too high), they might not work. Additionally, if they are working with batteries and if the batteries are dead, your sensors will not work. To solve this problem, you can check the batteries and change them if needed or call a professional to see if everything is alright with the power supply.

The Track

This might be a major problem if it is not taken care of immediately because it will not only create problems with the sensor but also create problems with the entire movement of the door. For your sensors to work, your garage door must be properly aligned on the track. Otherwise, neither your garage door opener nor your sensors will work, and eventually, it will be very hard to move the door. For this, you may need garage door repair.


Garage door sensors have two types of light, one is green and the other is red. green light means that the ray of light is sent and a red one means that the ray is detected and received. However, if you see that the lights are either blinking or off, this means something is wrong.

Replacement- Final Solution

It is never right to delay the maintenance of the devices that play a role in your safety and in this case, garage door sensors are definitely one of the protective devices in our houses. Since the job of inspecting the problem in your garage door sensors is related to electricity and wiring, receiving the help of a professional is a good idea. Luckily, experts of Bob's Advance Garage Doors are ready to help you. Whether you need a simple battery change or a garage door replacement, we will take care of it right away in the most efficient manner. Call us today to learn more!

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